Pokemon Duel adds Mega Evolution, doesn’t explain it

Pokemon Duel announced Mega Evolution in a trailer today, but went to no lengths whatsoever as to how it might affect the game.

I have to assume that Pokemon Duel still has a fairly robust following since, when I played the game, there was no shortage at all of advice and discussion on how to tackle the highest tiers of strategy. That said, they do a terrible job of hyping the game for new players (and an even worse one to draw back returning players), as shown by their latest announcement in an unlisted video:

So, yes, Pokemon Duel is getting Mega Evolution. What does it do in duels? What does it mean? Who knows? They can just Mega Evolve now. I presume that Mega Evolution will work similarly enough to regular evolution and superpower Pokemon, though I would be incredibly surprised if you were just able to drop Mega Evolved forms on the board without playing their pre-evolutions first. We’ll get more info eventually in a “major update” with more official details soon.

We did get a brief glimpse of what looks like a new game mode, with a “Week Match” where it seems you must enter using a specific type of deck. I like the look of the UC and Lower match, as it caters toward players who may not have a ton of EX figurines. The other Week Matches shown briefly look to be along those lines too, with “All Uniques” and “2-2 Start.”

Personally, I wish Pokemon Duel would work harder at selling the rest of us on the game. It’s a really tight, interesting strategy game that I haven’t seen the like of anywhere else. With strategy TCGs like Hearthstone doing so well, a figurine game shouldn’t do too badly, and I imagine Duel doesn’t. But it’s honestly a far better mobile game than either the Pokemon TCG or even Pokemon GO (in terms of quality) and could stand for a little bit of love from PR.

But maybe the sight of Mega Charizard plastered all over everything will incentivize people to stop trying to catch Lugias and start trying to move figurines around a board. Good luck, Pokemon Duel!