Deoxys and Espeon episodes coming to Pokemon TV

The Pokemon Company likes to showcase special Pokemon on their Pokemon TV platform, and the latest batch of anime episodes will features ones with Espeon and Deoxys.

In a news release, the Pokemon Company announced that special episodes featuring the two psychic Pokemon will drop on Pokemon TV as a way to celebrate their team up in the Pokemon Trading Card Game: Sun & Moon – Unified Minds expansion.

The team up of Espeon and Deoyxs may throw off some trainers at first as they are seemingly different Pokemon when it comes to look – kind of like when a babyface wrestler teams up with a big bad heel. Yet when teamed together, these Pokemon can come out on top of any opponent.

Both Pokemon have appeared in different points of the anime.

Deoxys was the main character in “Destiny Deoyxs,” and his official TV debut came in “Pokemon Ranger – Deoxys’ Crisis,” and would later appear on “Cheers on Castaways Isle.” Its last appearance came during the Sun and Moon series when it was battling Rayquaza in space, as well as a couple of cameo appearances in later episodes.

It also appeared in the Pokemon Generations’ short, “The Scoop” where it fought a Mega Rayquaza and was caught by a trainer.

Espeon’s anime debut came with Sakura, or Sayo in the English version of the show. It first appeared as an Eevee during the Johto portion of the anime. Ash and his friends later encountered Sakura in the episode “Trouble’s Brewing” and learned her Eevee evolved into an Espeon form.

Various Espeon are featured throughout the anime and the movies. It’s most recent appearance was in the Manalo Conference

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Trainers can catch episodes of the Pokemon anime on the Pokemon TV or they can download the app on Google Play or IOS. It’s a great platform for folks to catch up on Pokemon episodes they missed or relive fun animated memories with some of their favorite characters. Even if you are not fans of Ash and the gang, the platform also has episodes from Pokemon Origins and Pokemon Generations.

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