Pokemon Fandom: Pokemon Elite Four Fantasy Showdown

What would happen if you faced a collection of the toughest trainers from the Pokemon franchise on one elusive Elite Four fantasy mashup?

It is that time of year where football fans are dialing in and getting ready for fantasy football. This may not be a big deal to the general audience of Pokemon fans, for their only focus in fall is looking forward towards the release of Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch.

For the fans that like to be creative and look forward to a challenge, I have drawn up the perfect idea for the Fantasy Elite Four Showdown. There has not been as much as excitement fighting a collection of trainers since the Pokémon World Tournament, so fighting a mixed collection of Elite Four great is the exact recipe for the “fantasy fan.”

Photo: Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! character artwork Credit: The Pokemon Company International


Bruno is an Elite Four legend that holds the front for any trainer who approaches to challenge this grand tournament. A Fighting-type expert, Bruno knows how to pound the competition into submission with his proud style that earned him his rankings at the Indigo Plateau.

Since this is like a “fantasy” match up, he will not have all of his original team party with him. His signature Pokemon from Gen II/IV will still be with him including Machamp, Hitmontop and an evolved Steelix. In his days defending his role at the Indigo Plateau, his rematch against Champions included Hariyama and Lucario.

After spending some time in the Unova regions during the Pokemon World Tournament, he even trained a Conkeldurr to be a hard-hitting fighter. Challenging Bruno will not come easy, especially if you use Psychic-types to defeat him. You may have a harder challenge in the next round.


Another legend from the Indigo Plateau is Will with his Psychic-type. Will is notorious for being a Johto legend long  before he became a member of the Elite Four. With his trusty Xatu, he has flown to everywhere in the Pokemon world to improve his Psychic team. He first discovered the advantage of the King’s Rock and knew to raise a Slowking was more strategic than his Slowbro.

From his major battles after challenging trainers from Hoenn and Sinnoh, he kept his Gardevoir and Bronzong for special tactics in the battle. Trainer Red offered him a trusted Espeon, knowing his love for Psychic-type Pokemon, and followed him when the Champion held challenges in Alola. From there, he raised an Alolan Raichu as his secret weapon for any trainer that stands in his path. Will would be a tricky one to challenge, but it is a more cunning trainer that would be able to best even him in a contest.


Another master trainer known for living a bit on the edge in raising the stakes, Grimsley is ready to take over the fantasy match up. After stepping down from the Elite Four Unova, he is ready for the Dark challenge he has for the trainer.

Grimsley’s favorite Pokemon consists of Krookodile and Bisharp, who have always been loyal Dark-type Pokemon to the gambler. He even brought his trusted Tyranitar and Honchkrow from the Pokemon World Tournament that was held in Unova.

Grimsley sharpened his skills at the Battle Tree in Alola, learning about even stronger dark type Pokemon from highly skilled trainers. From those lessons, that is when he added Umbreon and Zoroark to his party. He will not be an easy challenge, especially if you made it this far. The next trainer is one of the toughest of them all.


There is no disrespect to Elite Four member and Champion Lance, the original Dragon Master. However, I truly believe Drake has had some interaction when teaching Lance how to master Dragon-type Pokemon. Drake is one of the toughest Elite Four members out of Hoenn. He holds his position being the trainer that stands between you and the Champion.

With his signature Pokemon Salamence and Flygon, he’s guaranteed knockouts in his party. Drake has also carried a Haxorous in his arsenal before as well. Being a Dragon Master means you must search far and wide for Dragon-type Pokemon; that is why Drake trained a Tyrantrum, Hydreigon, and Kommo-o. To get past Drake would be close to a difficult task, but defeating him would result in facing the Champion that awaits.

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Photo: Pokémon Masters character artwork Credit: The Pokemon Company International


The Champion of Sinnoh has a great deal of experience traveling all over the Pokemon world and letting her presence be known on how strong she is as a Pokemon trainer. She has always been a humbling and powerful influence on the young trainers that look up to her.

Cynthia’s trusty Garchomp is one of the most powerful Pokemon in her party. She has also carried a Togekiss, Spiritomb, and Milotic in her reign as trusty companions while her reign as Champion in Sinnoh. When competing in other major tournaments, she has favored Braviary and Sylveon into her party. Having one of the best varieties of Pokemon has always been one of Cynthia’s best tactic. She will not be merciful if you face her in this fantasy match up. Defeating her would be a tremendous feat when finally besting this Fantasy Elite Four!

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