Is Wizards Unite better than Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite are two augmented reality games developed by Niantic. Is one of them better than the other?

Wizards Unite came out earlier this year (June 21, 2019) while Pokémon Go came out in 2016. They both follow the same structure, but have some stark differences between them. Both games are created by Niantic, but tell very different stories.

Wizards Unite is a game set in the world of Harry Potter. You play as a wizard that’s trying to save the world from the Calamity. You work with the Statute of Secrecy task force to collect pieces of magic that are turning up all across the muggle world. You cast spells on them to return them back to their rightful places in time.

It follows a near exact structure to Pokémon Go. Instead of throwing Poké balls you cast spells, and instead of catching Pokémon you return magic to its place in time. Wizards Unite also features inns (PokéStops) where you can reload on magic (instead of Poké balls).

As you can see, they are quite similar in structure. When Wizards Unite came out, it felt like an overlay to Pokémon Go. Even the stops are in the same locations.

A big place where the two games differ are in battle. Where Pokémon Go has gyms and raids, Wizards Unite has fortresses. You can work wit a team to fight off evil creatures and advance to higher levels of the Fortress. There is no equivalent to leaving your Pokémon in a gym. You can’t even spin a Fortress for rewards.

Wizards Unite is also missing a feature we’ve grown fond of in Pokémon Go. You can’t send gifts to your friends. While these two games are similar, Pokémon Go has years of development under its belt, making it the better game for now. Pokémon Go also has seems to have more events going on.

However, Wizards Unite is still likely to make those same improvements. Who knows what will happen in the next few years. If you’re a fan of Pokémon, you’ll more than likely prefer Pokémon Go, while if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you’ll likely find yourself drawn more toward Wizards Unite. 

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The choice is up to you. But since they’re both such similar games, it may be redundant to play both.

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