Top 5 Electric Type Pokemon Experts

Electric type Pokemon are interesting with only one weakness to Ground and two advantages to Water and Flying, but who are the best electric Pokemon?

This is the third type I have covered in this series, going in the order in which we first encounter each type expert chronologically in Pokemon history. Electric type Pokemon are interesting with only one weakness to Ground and two advantages to Water and Flying. So why is this type effective in battle? Water and Flying are among the most common types. Perhaps these Gym Leaders know that and that’s why there are so many Leaders/Trial Captains that specialize in the Electric type (albeit no Elite Four members as of yet). Let’s see how the best of them compare.

5. Lt. Surge, Vermillion City, Kanto

The Lighting American is an interesting guy once you get past his intimidating exterior. Surge is a cautious man (apparently explaining the trash can switches he uses in his gym puzzle), with plenty of stories to tell about how his Electric type Pokemon zap his foes into submission in human combat as well as Pokemon battle. We never know exactly what war Lt. Surge was in, but one thing’s for sure: his Raichu battling Pikachu in the anime was an instant classic moment that solidified Pikachu as a Pokemon that would defy the odds as an not-fully-evolved Pokemon for years to come.

4. Volkner, Sunyshore City, Sinnoh

Some gym leaders are probably too good at their job for their own good. That seemed to be the case for Volkner who appeared bored with battling gym challengers by the time you first meet him. He has an itch to challenge the Pokemon League himself, but then you defeat him and remind him there are still worthy opponents out there. We can all relate to Volkner sometimes in that regard. The double battle against Volkner and Flint outside of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier in Platinum is also really fun.

3. Sophocles, Hokulani Observatory, Alola

In the anime, Sophocles takes over another person on this list as the resident tech geek. He is low on self-esteem but always tries his best, especially with the help of Ash and the gang. Also how can you not love his Togedemaru? There’s no shortage of cute electric rodents but Togedemaru still stands out, although partially due to the giant one you face in the Electric Trial in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Keeping him from getting higher on this list is his role in creating the Festival Plaza, which is not necessarily the most user-friendly feature in Pokemon history.

2. Elesa, Nimbasa City, Unova

Elesa is a successful model who also manages to be a gym leader. It may not be obvious to us in the real world, but to me that sounds like a lot of dedication and time management. Both times you encounter Elesa for a gym battle the gym itself is lively. In Black and White, you take a series of roller coasters to reach her. In Black 2 and White 2, you sashay your way down the runway for a crack at this Electric gym leader. Needless to say Elesa is much more than just a pretty face, and she nearly gave Ash a very humbling loss in the anime too at a time when his arrogance was peaking.

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1. Clemont, Lumiose City, Kalos

Science is so amazing! Granted, it wasn’t my favorite subject in school. But that was the case for Clemont, as he is a renowned (albeit not always successful) inventor who contributes to Lumiose City’s beauty. In the games, we see him light up the Lumiose Tower before we challenge him for a gym battle. In the anime, Clemont is smart, helpful, and encouraging, not to mention a great older brother to Bonnie. Like Misty, Clemont is supportive of Ash but when a gym battle is on the line, he puts his friendship aside and doesn’t hold anything back. His anime team of Chespin, Bunnelby, and Luxray are also very likeable. All of these reasons make Clemont stand out as the best Electric type expert.

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