Funko to release new Pokemon Funko Pop! collectible line

Brand new Pokemon Funko Pop! figures are to be released later this year for Pop! collector’s chance of catching ’em all!

The collecting phenomenon of Funko has announced a new line of collectible figurines for Pokemon to be released in May 2020. The four new Pop! figures will feature three characters from Kanto and one from Johto with Vulpix, Mr. Mime, Mewtwo and Pichu to be the next featured Pop! figures the Pokemon line. This is the most Funko has released the figurines in a one-time frame since the release of Pikachu and the Kanto starters.

Mewtwo is the first legendary Pokemon to be featured in a Funko Pop! figure. It makes sense that Pokemon of the first 151 species would be the first to be covered by the figurine company, and there is a great deal of Mewtwo collectors who would look forward to owning a Pop! that looks like it.

Vulpix is the second fire-type Pokemon featured in the collection since Charmander was released. Vulpix would embark the first Pokemon of the cute category to be offered as a Pop!, and will most likely not be the last. Mr. Mime took plenty of Pop! collectors to be recognized as one of the characters featured by Funko. After it’s the memorable performance in Detective Pikachu, it seems that the psychic and fairy type has developed a cult following as a fan favorite.

The first Johto character to be featured as a Pop! is the pre-evolution to the franchise mascot Pikachu. Pichu will be available with all of these figurines when they are available for sale. The release of Pichu hints that evolutions and pre-evolutions are possible to be turned into Pop! figures in the near future.

Perhaps they will make a Raichu Pop! to finish the evolutionary line with Pikachu, and maybe it will also include an Alolan Raichu Pop! figure. Why would the evolutionary line stop there? There is no doubt that Pops will be made for Venasuar, Charizard, and Blastoise to compliment the first stages of the Kanto starters!

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The release of Pokemon Pops means that the future of the figurines to cater more attention to the fans of the video game franchise. After the success of these Pops, there will probably be more Pokemon figurines to collect this year.

Which Pokemon would you like to see made into a Funko Pop! next? 

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