Introducing Zarude, the Rogue Monkey, on Pokemon Day!

As part of the Pokemon Day celebrations, Pokemon has revealed the newest mythical Pokemon, Zarude. What does the Rogue Monkey Pokemon bring to the game?

As part of the Pokemon Day celebrations, the new Mythical Pokemon has been revealed. We spoke recently about the silhouette that had been received and how it would be featured in the upcoming Pokemon Coco. This movie will debut in Japan in July of this year with no confirmed North American release date at this time. Now the Pokemon has been revealed to be Zarude, the Rogue Monkey Pokemon!

Zarude is a Dark and Grass-Type Pokemon, only the fourth creature sharing that combination. It possesses the Leag Guard Ability, which prevents it from being afflicted by status conditions during strong sunlight. In a world with Dynamax moves setting the weather regularly this seems like a useful ability to have.

Currently, anything with a Fire-type move will set the weather for Zarude to thrive, including the commonly used Torkoal and Arcanine. What you partner the Rogue Monkey with will depend on the stats it is given, which has yet to be revealed.

Zarude will debut in the Sword and Shield games at an undetermined time. If historic trends are any indication this will be when Pokemon Coco is also released to promote the release.

Being a Mythical Pokemon it is unlikely it will be eligible for any Play Pokemon events. Even if it did, U-Turn is the kind of move that would be a quick answer. To give context, Incineroar, one of the most common competitive Pokemon regularly carries this movie. Zarude will likely be reserved for the fandom enjoying its Pokemon Coco appearance.

Celebrate Pokemon Day by welcoming the Rogue Monkey to the Pokemon World! With plenty of other celebrations, like Greninja being named Pokemon of the year, plenty of celebrations are happening for Pokemon fans today.

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