Pokemon the Series: Ranking Ash Ketchum’s travel companions

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Pokemon 3 distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)

With Pokemon Ultra Legends wrapping up, we’re ranking all 16 of Ash Ketchum’s traveling companions from Pokemon the Series!

Pokemon – Ultra Legends will be wrapping up its North American run this week, bringing another generation of the anime to a close. This was a big generation for Ash and friends as Ash finally became a champion, winning the inaugural Kalos League.

Plenty of the focus has been on Ash Ketchum and Pikachu over the years and this victory put a perfect bow on that arc. Be that as it may, our champion would not have gotten through plenty of situations without the friends he travels with. As another region is left behind by Ash, there is no time like the present to look back at those he has traveled with and see how they stack up.

Whether it be from being actually useful or from an entertainment standpoint the supporting character can make or break any season of Pokemon. All of this is subjective, but honestly two character will be high on most Pokemon fans lists without a doubt.

Throughout this list we will discuss every core travel companion, non-Pokemon category, who has joined Ash on his journey. This will serve as a good refresher leading up to when Pocket Monsters comes to the United States, presumably later this year. As you will see with this list and will already know as an avid fan of the show, there is a lot of competition for any new character introduced.  As annoying as Ash tends to be he has a knack for having some pretty great friends.

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