Pokemon GO to feature Abra for March Community Day

This Sunday, Mar 15, 2020, Abra will be the featured Pokemon for Community Day in Pokemon GO. This is the first time the Pokemon has been featured for Community Day and the second consecutive Kanto Pokemon to be featured for the monthly event.

The Abra Community Day event is the first time the Pokemon has been featured for frequent spawning in Pokemon GO. The event hours will take place in the Northern Hemisphere from 11:00 A.M. to 2 P.M. and will take place in the Southern Hemisphere from 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. during the local time frame where the trainer participates for the event. Trainers will be able to use lures for a three-hour time frame on Poke Stops. They will also be able to catch three times the experience points during the hours when Community Day will take place.

The Abra that will be spawning more frequently will give trainers the chance to evolve the Pokemon to its final form; Alakazam. It is unknown what moves will be available during the Community Day events that Alakazam has the opportunity to learn.

Unfortunately, trainers that use Fast and Charged TMs will not alter or change the chances of the learning better moves for their Alakazam. As of now, it is a surprise waiting for trainers to come on the day of the event. Trainers could be fortunate enough to capture a shiny Abra and have it evolve to a shiny Alakazam.

There has yet to be featured any brand new Pokemon from the Unova region for Community Day this year. All the starters from all the prior regions have already been available for Community Day in Pokemon GO.

Around this time last year, Treecko was a starter Pokemon available for the event during the month of March, the first of the Hoenn starters to be made available for trainers to take advantage of. It will only be a matter of time for an exclusive powerful Pokemon will be made available for the Community Day events in 2020. There are several Sinnoh Pokemon that collectors would like to take advantage of before the Unova Pokemon become more exclusive.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the Coronavirus outbreak, Community Day events will be unavailable in Japan, South Korea, and Italy. Niantic continues to work with the World Health Organization in order to look after the safety of the trainers and players of Pokemon GO. A friendly reminder for trainers who plan on participating during Community Day, be cautious interacting with other trainers and wash your hands after playing with your phone after Community Day hours.

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