Reviewing Rebel Clash: Competitive and Casual Impacts

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Pokemon European International Championships (Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images)

While the competitive season has been put on hold, there is still a set on the horizon. Let’s look at Rebel Clash and the most interesting cards in the set.

While it feels like the new expansion for the Pokemon TCG just came out the world found a way to make the format an afterthought. Due to the COVD-19 outbreak, all Pokemon TCG events have been canceled for the rest of the 2020. However, new cards will be coming out for online tournaments and products will still be available as players prepare for the next season or just try to have some fun.

The next set, Rebel Clash, releases on May 1, 2020. Therefore for all intents and purposes, the format for Ultra Prism through Sword and Shield (UPR-SSH) is over. I will be looking at various new strategies and tech cards that come out in Rebel Clash to see how they would fit into the new standard format. While no events will be held under this format officially at this point the online community is thriving and now is a time for creativity.

I tend to focus on the competitive side of things but will make some reference to more niche strategies to engage all audiences, especially during a time where competitive events are not going on.

These sections will be sorted by type of Pokemon but will likely reference cards from other types as it is rare to have any truly homogenized strategy. For further clarification on any card’s effects please reference the pages for VMAX Rising and Rebellion Clash, the Japanese Expansions that comprise the TCG release.  This should cover most if not all of the cards we should expect to see on May 1.

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