When will Pokemon Go mechanics be ready for Pokemon Home?

Pokemon Home has been out since the end of winter of this year, however, a great deal of mechanics have left the app incomplete. The mechanic of Pokemon Go not being able to connect to the app is a missing concept that has left trainers unfulfilled. The question that has every trainer is lingering over: when will it be ready?

Pokemon Home was the first major release for the franchise for the start of the year 2020. The universal cloud service was an application any trainer has been waiting for since even before the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The cloud system was to advance the storage system for dedicated fans of the Pokemon franchise; which could be organized with the apps processor, Pokemon Bank. At the time of the release of Pokemon Home, trainers were able to send Pokemon from Bank immediately to advance stored Pokemon. Other mechanics were also available like sending Pokemon from Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, the first Pokemon installment on the Nintendo Switch. It seems like the release was for Pokemon Home would seem worth the investment, but if there has been one promised concept of the app that is left incomplete. For trainers that have been waiting to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go are still waiting to do so, but for how long?

Pokemon Home mechanics are still left absent for Pokemon Go users. For active users of both the main franchise and the popular app, the service of the cloud system was expected to be beneficial to the collector’s advantage. The frustrating disconnect of the two not being able to synchronize is leaving fans impatient. For the number of updates Niantic has been working on, there would be some sort of hint or news related to when the updates will become available for users to connect their POGO account to the app. However, it seems like the focus is not on Niantic, but also working with the developers at Gamefreak to be in unison to make sure this is available. The connection to why Gamefreak is not ready to fix the mechanics of the cloud system is most likely related to the DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield to be available this year.

There is also great anticipation for the first Pokemon DLC will be made available to any copy of Sword or Shield when they feature the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. One of the hints that the creators of the series shed light on was the massive update the Pokedex in Galar was receiving. It is well known that one of the frustrating characteristics of the game that fans groaned about the recent version of Pokemon was the fact that prior species were not available. The expansion of the Pokedex will not occur until the DLCs released at the start of the summer. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Pokemon Go is not available to transfer Pokemon immediately.

Photo: Pokemon Home. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International

Pokemon Go has species spawning on the app as far as the Unova region. The National Pokedex that include the species from Kanto to Unova rest in the middle of the 600 species. Pokemon Sword and Shield only allow a limited amount of species around 300. With or without the connection of sending Pokemon from Pokemon Go would not benefit collectors trying to bring species to the current game. Until the release of the first DLC in the summertime, the in-game Pokedex for Sword and Shield will expand between the number of 600 and 700 Pokemon. Even with the current update from Pokemon Home, the list is very thin to what was immediately available to trainers at the time of release.

The list of Pokemon that were made available at the time of release was a shorthand list. Kanto starters became available to join the in-game member of their trio alongside Charmander. The Alolan starters were available as well, including Alolan versions of species that were available in Galar; like Meowth or Diglett. Recent legendary Pokemon were also made available, including the special mysterious Pokemon that appeared in Pokemon Go with Meltan and its final evolved form with Melmetal. The list was limited to a small amount of Pokemon, but it just adds on to the disappointment that a Pokemon collector cannot physically, “catch ’em all” on a recent copy of a Pokemon game.

Not everything is entirely impossible from enjoying small concepts of the game. If a trainer would like to send Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword or Shield, they would have to do the following steps to do so. Using the GO Park in copies of Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee, a trainer can send Pokemon from their app in POGO to their Nintendo Switch to either of those games. Strictly Kanto and some Alolan Pokemon, those are the only Pokemon available to transfer to GO Park. After sending them and catching them in Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee, the trainer needs to connect their game to an active account that has Pokemon Home on it. Using the storage cloud system, you can send the recent caught Pokemon sent from the app to Switch in the database. From there, with an active file of Pokemon Sword or Shield, the trainer can use Pokemon Home to send the recent species to either file of Sword or Shield, as long as they on the current list of updated Pokemon. This has made trainers possible to use stronger Pokemon in G-Max raids they have raised from prior files and even in Pokemon Go.

The update of Pokemon Go to be compatible with Pokemon Home seems to be left in limbo. There is no expectation when the two will be synchronized with the current focus on the Pokemon DLCs. It would be no better surprise if both are available come summertime with the first half of the DLC. However, this is just wishful thinking of what will be available to trainers soon. There is no doubt that the mechanic will be available for trainers to take advantage of. The question is the same for every other trainer: when will it happen?

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