Community Day Play at Home Edition returns in May with Seedot

Pokemon Go will return with another Community Day event that allows the player to play the day events from at home. The May event will feature Seedot, the Grass-type Pokemon.

Community Day for May is set to return the weekend of May 24 with Seedot as the Pokemon to be more available for a six-hour time frame. The hours that the event will take place will be the same hours as the last community day. The event is still practicing the “stay at home” order most communities have installed due to the international pandemic of COVID-19. Pokemon Go still hosts the event as Community Day: Play at Home Edition featuring Seedot.

The last Play at Home event that featured Abra was an event that was postponed from before. The original event was scheduled for March was moved to the middle of April. The same Community Day rules will apply for Seedot from the hours of 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. to the local player’s standard time zone. The event will once again have tickets for sale for the trainer to participate in if they would like to play. Tickets are available via the Shop section of the Pokemon Go app where the trainer can purchase a ticket for their account. Ticket pricing is marked at $1, or what is equivalent to the local resident’s currency.

The Seedot Community Day will have more than enough features for trainers to take advantage of. Any Seedot that evolves from Nuzleaf and finally into Shiftry will learn the supercharged attack, Bullet Seed. Participating in the Community Day event will also be given special field research from Professor Willow. Completing the tasks that Professor Willow offers will reward the player with Golden Razz Berries and Incense for the player’s inventory. The player can also purchase fast TMs, lucky eggs, incense, and Ultra Balls in a special edition Community Day Box.


Pokemon Go (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Bonuses also included for Community Day also have bonus incentives during the hours of the event. A trainer has the ability to earn three times the XP during the hours participating in the event, a bigger bonus if the player uses the Lucky Eggs offered at a discount price! Each incense used will last during the time of the equivalent of three hours, so a trainer only needs to use two of the maximum during the event. A Buddy Pokemon used during the event has a level of ‘Great Buddy’ or higher will come into benefit with what the trainer will have access to with items and Pokestops so that the trainer never runs out of items during the event.

The icing of the cake on what will happen during the day events is that this will be the first time Niantic will be live streaming for Community Day. Pokemon Go’s personal YouTube page will have a live 24-hour live stream for the event, tuning into all regions that will be participating. This stream will begin at 6:00 P.M. (GST) the evening before on May 23 and will end on the final hour of Community Day the following day. For this being a first for Pokemon Go, it will be exciting to see what future events will be live streaming from battles to Safari Zone events.

This Play at Home Edition of Community Day featuring Seedot will be a new direction that Pokemon Go and Niantic are going in for their users. The creators of the popular app continue to take steps to make access to the gaming experience of Pokemon more interactive than ever before. This marks the future of events for the game to reach new audiences, especially encourage their current players to take advantage of what Niantic has to offer. Community Day events moving forward will most likely continue being the same way until the restrictions of COVID-19 are uplifted. It is certain that Niantic cares about their players and want to makes sure they are following the safety regulations that their region has enforced in their area.