Pokemon of the Week: Charizard

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Pokemon: The First Movie. (Photo By Getty Images)

Welcome to Pokemon of the Week, the fourth installment in a recurring series that looks at the impact of some of our favorite Pokemon on the anime, TCG and VGC. Taking a trip down memory lane to see the impact these Pokemon have had on the series and our lives is what makes Pokemon the magical thing it is.

Oh, Charizard. While I have never liked him as much as the world seems to it is impossible to deny the popularity of the original Flame Pokemon. While Pikachu is the face of Pokemon for children, Charizard is not far behind as one of the lead mascots of the series. Charizard was the first Pokemon to appear in the animated series in Japan in the opening song and has been at the forefront ever since.

Charizard is one of only two Pokemon with two Mega forms and one of only four Pokemon to have a Mega evolution and the ability to Gigantamax. Mega Charizard Y boasts the highest special attack of any Fire-type and the highest of any non-Legendary Flying-type.

Its popularity transcends the traditional Pokemon mediums. It was been featured in Super Smash Bros. This started as one of the Pokemon that could be summoned from a Pokeball before transitioning into a role as a playable character in Brawl as part of the trio of Pokemon used by the Pokemon Trainer. After a stint as a solo playable character in the 3DS/Wii U edition, it returned to the Pokemon Trainer for Ultimate. Charizard is also one of the core playable characters in the Pokken Tournament.

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