Pokemon of the Week 9: Gardevoir

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Mimikyu, Pokemon

Pokemon and Daniel Arsham team up for art collaboration.. Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company, James Law

Welcome to Pokemon of the Week, the ninth installment in a recurring series that looks at the impact of some of our favorite Pokemon on the anime, TCG and VGC. Taking a trip down memory lane to see the impact these Pokemon have had on the series and our lives is what makes Pokemon the magical thing it is.

After a brief dalliance with the Legendary Pokemon we return to putting the spotlight on a Pokemon featured alongside one of the regions champions. Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokemon, was popular long before it joined the ranks of champion three generations after its debut. It benefitted further from becoming a dual Psychic- and Fairy-type once that typing was added to the franchise.

It is the mirror of the other Pokemon that Kirlia evolves into, Gallade. Gardevoir has the reverse Attack and Special Attack stats of its relative. While Gallade is a powerful physical attacker Mega Gardevoir boasts the highest Special Attack of all Fairy-types and the highest Special Defense of all non-Legendary Psychic Pokemon.

Many non-traditional fans may know Gardevoir more for its appearances in in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. It has appeared in Pokeballs for the games in Brawl, WiiU/3DS and Ultimate. It uses a powerful Reflect to bounce off projectile attacks from its trainer. Gardevoir is also a usable character in Pokken but unfortunately has not made an appearance at the World Championships since 2015 where it lost in the opening round. The focus for Gardevoir has been in other competitive realms, so let’s dive in.

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