Mega Evolutions making their debut in Pokemon GO!


Mega Evolutions have finally been introduced to Pokemon GO! The popular battle-enhancing power up from Pokemon X and Y open up new opportunities in the gaming app.

Pokemon GO has finally updated the possibility for trainers to have Mega Evolutions of Pokemon from the franchise. Teased at the beginning of the year in a Pokemon Direct, the battling technique that was introduced in the Generation VI games in Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire is making its debut into the popular app. Mega Evolutions allow certain Pokemon to reach a certain evolutionary stage that unlocks a powerful amount of energy used in battle. Trainers will have the opportunity to train, catch, and battle with these Pokemon who will have the ability to reach Mega Evolution. The debut of the event has invited trainers to complete special Field Research to unlock the potential of this power.

Professor Willow has raised the expectation for trainers to complete the Field Research to learn more about Mega Evolutions. The tasks have four major tasks to complete in order to receive the resource of Mega Energy. The Mega Energy acts as a conduit that will allow the Pokemon to evolve that has the higher stage of Mega Evolution. Serving like the Mega Bracelet and special stones for the specific Pokemon to hold, Mega Energy will act the same way in Pokemon GO. Just like candy used to collect for Pokemon to evolve or power-up, Mega Energy will need to be collected in order for a Mega Evolution to take place.

Special themed events will also be in the spotlight for trainers to take advantage of for Mega Evolutions. From the beginning of the month in September, there will be a benchmark for trainers to battle in raids and Mega Evolve their Pokemon as much as possible to unlock certain bonuses. From Fri. Sept. 11 to Thurs. Sept. 17, trainers will get to hone their battle skills and what they can use in Mega Evolutions. They will be doing so by participating in trainer battles, raid battles, and challenging Team GO Rocket. The last week of September, the 22nd to 28th, if a trainer has been walking with their Buddy Pokemon that can mega evolve, taking a snapshot of that exact Pokemon will unlock a surprise for the trainer to discover.

Mega Evolution Pokemon also have their perks when they are used in Pokemon GO. In Battle Raids, any ally Pokemon participating alongside a Pokemon that is Mega-Evolved will receive attacking bonuses in raids. These boosts will help all Pokemon trying to conquer the Pokemon that is in the raid. Unfortunately, a Mega-Evolved Pokemon cannot be left in a gym to defend it. Using a Mega-Evolved Pokemon in Battle League will lead to learning more about Mega Evolutions, and possible bonuses to be unlocked. Making your Buddy Pokemon a Mega-Evolved Pokemon will help enhance the bonuses a Buddy can do if it is Mega-Evolved and out exploring with the trainer.

Pokemon Sword and Shield, Mimikyu

Mega Evolutions are not the only characteristics affecting Pokemon, it also benefits the trainer. In the shop where users can customize their trainer in Pokemon GO, users can purchase the device Mega Bracelet to accessorize their avatar even further. Note, the purchase of this accessory is not needed to Mega Evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon GO as it does in a Generation VI game. The Mega Bracelet also does not benefit or enhance the possibility to collect more Mega Energy for the trainer to accumulate to Mega Evolve their Pokemon. Other items are determined to be released to celebrate the release of this new feature, perhaps some stunning new art that symbolizes popular Mega-Evolved Pokemon.

Mega Evolution Pokemon will be something trainers will look forward to when collecting their Pokemon. Now available in the Pokedex, there will be a new feature that shows what Mega-Evolved Pokemon the trainer has used in Pokemon GO. This feature encourages more trainers to passionately collect as much Mega Energy possible to unlock all of these featured Pokemon. In addition to fulfilling the basic concept of catching all Pokemon and completing the Pokedex, it will just as fulfilling Mega-Evolving all Pokemon that have the ability to do so and completing that concept.

The first Mega Evolution Battle Raids that will be taking place will feature the Kanto starters. This includes Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, including both forms that Charizard can evolve into. There also be Battle Raids that feature the Mega Evolution of Beedrill. Judging by the Field Research that Professor Willow has encouraged the trainer to complete, it is inevitable for the trainer to encounter or evolve a Kakuna into this powerful Pokemon. This also comes in handy for all the trainers that voted for Weedle to be the featured Pokemon that held the spotlight for Community Day over summer.

Mega Evolutions making its way into the presence of Pokemon GO can only mean that the next level of completion is ready to be featured in the popular app. With the wrapping up of the Unova region coming to a close end, it is growing more realistic that Kalos Pokemon are on their way to be featured in Pokemon GO. If Mega Evolutions are the first teaser of that event happening, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the featured from that region are available. After all, Galar and Alolan Pokemon have made their presence known in Pokemon GO; it is in the near future that Niantic is closing that gap for the entirety of all Pokemon species be featured in Pokemon GO. Trainers will be excited to take advantage of Mega Evolutions and will be anticipating what will be featured next.

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