Top 5 Pokemon Podcast shows to listen to

Podcasts have become one of the most popular formats of broadcasting during the new millennium. Over the past year, more people have tuned in or developed an interest in shows of all formats; including Pokemon.

Podcasts have developed to be one of the most popular formats of broadcasting that has developed over the past two decades. With the internet interface of digital episodes with the flair of what is left of radio broadcasting, podcasts have become the new spotlight of entertainment on a global scale. One listener of any major audio streaming service subscribes or downloads to at least one podcast show. Even with the recent pandemic, more people have invested in podcasts and even attempted to make shows to stay connected about subjects people are passionate about.

Pokemon is no stranger to the podcast networking world. There are countless podcast shows that discuss video games, streaming, eSports, and the list goes on anything that has to do with gaming. Pokemon podcast shows have been going on for over a decade with a good handful of shows with a strong audience well in the thousands. Podcasts are so popular in the Pokemon community, that the Pokemon Company started their own podcast just this year. The Play! Pokemon Broadcast is fairly new and only has a few episodes under their belt, but there is more to come from this network. As far as other Pokemon podcast shows go, there are several where fans can gather knowledge on all things Pokemon on a weekly basis. This article by the Viridian Forest will be ranking the top Pokemon podcasts to tune into; noted this is only by a valued opinion by the author. There is an expanded list of Pokemon podcasts to tune into here.

1. It’s Super Effective: a Pokemon Podcast

It’s Super Effective is one of the longest-running Pokemon podcast shows that have been running for over a decade. The podcast explores news and information on all things Pokemon from the games to merchandise available for trainers to purchase. The podcast has also had its major breakdowns of playthroughs from the main series games, with recent episodes that include Pokemon Sword and Shield and Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. The podcast also talks about battling, how to shiny hunt, and news in the TCG. It’s Super Effective reaches out to many other media personalities that enjoy discussing all things Pokemon. The podcast has one of the largest followings, with having the most downloaded Pokemon-based podcasts on the internet. The success of It’s Super Effective has even won awards for their podcast and one of the most influential shows that interact with their audience.

2. A Wild Podcast Has Appeared

A podcast started by a popular fansite,, A Wild Podcast Appeared is one of the most popular Pokemon-themed podcasts on the internet. The podcast is another weekly show that shares news about the franchise that discusses all things Pokemon, from the anime to the main core games. The difference from the prior ranked show, the hosts on the recorded episodes go into further detail in each concept of Pokemon and giving more of a valued review to see how appealing elements of Pokemon are holding their standards for their fan base. The hosts take with pride making their deeper dives with exploring these details and making these connections with important people in the Pokemon community. A Wild Podcast Has Appeared is only short-lived with less than one hundred episodes and being around for over a year; however, with the help of, they have one of the largest fan followings and growing at a rapid pace.

Mimikyu, Pokemon

Pokemon and Daniel Arsham team up for art collaboration. Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company, James Law

3. P.U.C.L. Podcast

The P.U.C.L. Podcast has been running a little longer than It’s Super Effective, yet it has more of a fan base following over the primary concept of what Pokemon’s most valued part of the franchise’s game mechanic: battling. The acronym of the podcast is short for Pokemon Underground Champions League was created solely from the rise of Pokemon Tournaments being held that have been competitive and non-competitive by the show’s creators and turning it into something more. The P.U.C.L. Podcast has also driven to entertain their audience even further by making satire and comedy when it came to breaking down the Pokemon franchise. In the show’s history, it has also faced some minor controversy with having a conflict with a rival podcast, however, the above-average audience that tunes into the P.U.C.L. Podcast has kept the show relevant. With high reviews on podcast streaming services, the P.U.C.L. Podcast holds its own as one of the best Pokemon podcasts on the internet.

4. Pokemon Go Radio

With every podcast that is Pokemon related, there has to be some focus on the new development fan base with the popularity involving Pokemon Go. There are more than a handful of podcasts that focus on the popular gaming app, Pokemon Go Radio has one of the strongest followings on social media outlets. The show discusses tips, advice, and tries to build the community that has strengthened the community that Pokemon Go has made. The show has been running just as long as the app has been around, and continues to remain consistent just like the franchise.

5. Superfun Network – Pokemon Adventures in the Millennium

A podcast that is very different than news and details on all things Pokemon related, Pokemon Adventures in the Millennium shares a different show than the ones included on this list. This podcast is driven by the RPG format of Pokemon Tabletop United and entertains a different angle of the fan base. With the structure just like Dungeons and Dragons, the show is orchestrated by a DM and is being challenged by the other hosts that are playing along in their adventures in the Sinnoh region. The podcast has been divided into different acts that have taken the characters on wild rides in a very interesting format. There is hope that the longevity of this podcast goes even further past the Sinnoh regions and explores even more of the Pokemon universe.

What do you think of our list of Pokemon podcasts? Regardless of your opinion, make sure to tune in, stream, or download any of the listed shows we highly recommend here at the Viridian Forest. There are even more Pokemon podcast shows out there, and there is no doubt that even more will be made in the near future.

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