Community Day: much controversy and disappointment for trainers

Community Day is a popular event that Pokemon Go players look forward to every month in order to take advantage of. With the impact of COVID-19 the POGO players, the event was taken in a different direction which has changed Community Day entirely.

For all the players that play Pokemon Go, there is one event that the trainers circle on their calendar to prepare for every month: Community Day. Trainers all over the globe like to take advantage of this event as much as possible to capture and train an exclusive Pokemon with a powerful charged attack that a trainer can wield with pride. Even more so to the trainers that go out of their way to find shiny versions of these Pokemon that are featured in the spotlight for the event. An event that has kept the perks of Pokemon Go have a general gaming audience on a month-to-month basis, Community Day is considered the most looked forward to the event as far as gaming mobile apps go.

A controversial take that Community Day and Pokemon Go as a whole has suffered during the aftermath it has taken on in order to survive during the pandemic of COVID-19 was crucial. The safety of players was the initial priority of Niantic to handle in order for the gaming audience of Pokemon Go to remain entertained and still active on the server. It was unfortunate to learn that organized events that were held in regions had to be canceled, but Niantic moved to hold the events as remote promotions so that players can play safely from their homes. This led to new breakthrough concepts in Pokemon Go for players to take advantage of, including Remote Raids and trading with friends across the internet.

Community Day was also pampered in detail with this focus by Niantic, knowing well that their most popular event was in a critical state. There was even a month last year where Community Day was canceled as a whole during the peak exposure of COVID-19 last March. For the remainder of the year, Community Day was a remote event that trainers can practice from their home in order to play the event safely. With the new edition of the event becoming remote for players, Community Day started to become a paid event for players for the remainder of 2020. Not an ideal situation for players who were used to the event originally being free, it was not the only thing that started to draw concerns from the playing audience of Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Another tactic that Niantic started to do was having trainers vote for what Pokemon they would like to capture for future Community Day events. For two months in advance, trainers would have the opportunity to vote for four different Pokemon and two of them would be the selection for that selected time period. The voting process was taken to Twitter on the official Pokemon Go account, and the process was run twice. The voting process brought separate Community Days for Weedle, Ghastly, Charmander, and Porygon. Though the voting process was fair when selecting Pokemon, the repeat of Pokemon like Charmander made the interest of the event less appealing for trainers.

Before the events of Community Day became remote, the consistency of the variety of Pokemon was keeping different Pokemon available from the core series regions. It seems that the entire year of 2020 focused too much on Pokemon from the Kanto region with the exception of January including Piplup in the spotlight. Normally by now, there would have been a featured three months that included the starter Pokemon from the Unova region; and trainers did not receive that experience at all. In addition to that, there should have been more featured Pokemon from Sinnoh and Unova that were popular and strong Pokemon; like Riolu or Zorua. Pokemon Go has already introduced Pokemon from the Kalos region, and it almost seems like this concept is starting to get abandoned with too much dependency on the original Pokemon from Kanto. If there are more Community Day events decided by voting via Twitter in the future, then there should be more Pokemon included from different regions so that there is more inclusion of different species.

It is a new year of Pokemon Go in 2021, and the anniversary of Pokemon is something that Niantic is preparing well in advance for trainers to prepare for. Currently, Niantic’s promo for the anniversary of Pokemon has a countdown series that features Pokemon regions from a week-to-week basis before the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto. There will also be two Community Day events before the held event in late February. There is the Machop Community Day scheduled for January 16, 2021, and the February Community Day event scheduled to set on February 7, 2021, with the Pokemon yet to be announced. It will be interesting to see what Niantic decides to focus on for Pokemon for their future events for the year, especially with their anniversary coming up this summer after being a popular app for five years.

Community Day is not in trouble, but it could be on the ropes. There was not complete disappointment with the players that still commit to the monthly event in the popular app. Surely, Niantic will be taking their time with all the events they have for the year in Pokemon, especially this year being a special year with celebrating the franchise’s anniversary. After the celebration is over and all the confetti is cleaned up, fans will be holding their breath on what to hold in expectation for Community Day in the future. Hopefully, the events return to include more Pokemon from separate regions from the core series; only time will tell when these events will take place.